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This website was weird, and stupid, and boring, and sometimes kind of fun to keep. Note I said "to keep," not "to read." Nothing was said here, nothing worth saying anyway, nothing worth more than what nearly anyone else has to say. Good. If the internet has taught us anything it's that barely anyone has anything to say, whether they think they do or not. LDD has been an exercise in coming to terms with our lack of ideas. We're not terribly good writers, not exceptionally funny or interesting, but we know how to amuse ourselves. Masturbation of some sort accounts for ninety percent, or more, of any life. And that's OK.

What I'm saying is that the point of this website was that we had no point. We strolled up to the podium cautiously, and managed only a cough and a shrug. Staff, take it for what it was worth. Readers, which probably just means A Dan, take it for what it was worth.

Now fuck off.
ugly joe
"Will your readership complain the stories always end the same?"

Yes yes, tis over. You can't be suprised. This honestly lasted a lot longer than I ever expected it to. I'm reminded in my usual geeky way of a math problem where one guy is really good at washing cars, and this other guy sucks, and if they worked together on washing cars, they'd only be as good as the guy who didn't suck at it. What I'm getting at is that we're all pretty much slackers. I figured with this site that a multitude of slackers would make for regular updates. What seemingly happened was that we all sat around doing nothing, figuring one of us would eventually update. This worked for a while. Then people got all antsy. And were like, "why isn't anyone updating?" and "i would very much like to have sex with a dan" and "where's that naked picture of shmike's grandmother?". Ultimately, it had to end. This whole thing was a sham. It was an attempt to make slackers seem like people who'd be capable of regularly updating a website. It's not total laziness either. Most of us have lives or are starting to get lives. I hear those tend to kill e/n sites. But hey, whatever. I'm tired of running this site and you guys seem to be tired of contributing to it, so it's best that it gets killed off now. I'd be up for another site of a similar nature, but this one has just run its course. APE JUICE.